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Respimat® re-usable: Information for healthcare professionals

The Respimat® inhaler is now re-usable

This website has been built for healthcare professionals as a source of information on the Respimat® re-usable inhaler. On the 17th of September 2019, the Respimat® inhaler changed from an inhaler that needs to be replaced each month to a re-usable inhaler, where the cartridge may be removed when empty and a new one inserted. This website is intended to provide the necessary information for healthcare professionals who have patients that are using the Respimat® inhaler.

This change was applied to all Respimat® re-usable products: Spiriva® Respimat® (tiotropium), Spiolto® Respimat® (tiotropium/olodaterol) and Striverdi® Respimat® (olodaterol). Package leaflets and SmPCs for the currently available Respimat® re-usable products are available using the links in the Product Information section of this website. If you require more information, please contact our Medical Information team using the details at the top of this page, or the live chat function using the icon to the left of the page.

Respimat® reusable

All the components of Respimat re-usable inhaler



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What month did the Respimat® disposable permanently change to a Respimat® re-usable inhaler?


Does the medicine in the Respimat® re-usable inhaler work exactly the same as the medicine in the previous, disposable Respimat® inhaler did?


Up to how many cartridges (30 days of medicine per cartridge) can you use with the Respimat® re-usable?


What is the three letter acronym for daily use of the Respimat® re-usable?


What are the main differences between the the previous, disposable Respimat® inhaler and the Respimat® re-usable inhaler?


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